Sky High

I'm Raegan, I smoke alot of weed, work all week, and sleep as much as I can. Dont ask me how many followers I have because chances are its more than you.
Houston, TX is home for now.

Everyone on Instagram probably thinks I’m lame af because of my follower count but if only they could see all of you guys

Anonymous: Pain is not an issue as in it did not hurt or that it was worth the pain

No pain. The part I felt most was when he put the clamp on, the needle is nothing. Do it!!!

Just got my nipples pierced


My new lil boo


Girl scout cookies ;3

I just love pink bud like this ♡♡♡
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.

nug on nug on nug

King Z Glass

mini roor steam roller

ryan fitt