Sky High

I'm Raegan, I smoke alot of weed, work all week, and sleep as much as I can. Dont ask me how many followers I have because chances are its more than you.
Houston, TX is home for now.


shatter derbs 🔥💨

I don’t think I’ve posted this

Trying to put my heart back together after losing Felicia at such a young age

Platinum og x I forgot what the other one is

Here is my whole face for the 5 anons in my inbox asking if I have a whole face

Kief bowls out of the grav before sleep

Me and lyss had a late night snap smoke sesh and we were laughing so fucking hard and then I fell asleep and this is just one of the 13 snaps I woke up too lmfao


it’s probably been a minute since you just sat in the grass, and forgot about cash. take a moment to realize you’re living life too fast

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Starting my day off with dabs & Wilfred, my Kindle light is super handy for a clarity check.